Electroforce EFC14 – Programable Mobile Controller

Here is the original and innovative: Electroforce EFC14 Controller!…..

EFC14 was developed for professional use with ST Microelectronics’ STM32F072 processor.

Automotive applications can be developed with the built-in CANBUS. With 32 Bit ARM Cortex M0 core processor, you can convert all sensors, switches and input signals in your system to CANBUS device.

It has a number of inputs that can convert an analog motor to a CANBUS motor.

You can use it as a single section PWM valve driver.

It can be used as CANBUS driver for 3 sections valve



It has 3 analog inputs that you can configure software as 4-20mA and 0-32V, 1 pcs. frequency input, 1 pcs. resistive input, 2 pcs. 2A PWM outputs, 1 pcs. 5V sensor supply output, 1 pcs. CanBUS port for automotive applications.






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