Fully Proportional Hydraulic Valve Control System


Fully Proportional Hydraulic Valve Control System (SYS-EFC39-2C8PWM) designed with EFC39-V1 (Basic Version) to drive 4 section (8 coils) valves, 4 axis (8-way) joysticks.

There are start and stop ramps for each movement in the system.

It can also be used with 2 control console. There are also calibration parameters for the second console.

The minimum and maximum currents of the valves to be driven can be adjusted parametrically.

All parameters are made via computer with a Windows-based interface and do not require repeated recalibration.

The supply voltage of the joysticks is constantly monitored in the system and the joystick calibrations are performed in percentages taking this reference voltage into account.

Thus, if the joystick feed changes in any way, the machine will not be able to move on its own.

Axes and axes-related movements in the system do not affect each other. Each axis has its own related alarms and prevents itself from any unsafe situation. The rest of the system continues to run.

Provides increased security with the Dead-Man Button and Emergency Stop Button.


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