Cage (Basket) Self Leveling Device

The basket balancing device has been designed to meet safety requirements, taking into account the field experience of Turkish engineers and customer needs.

The automatic balancing device has two PWM current drive outputs to control the basket balancing valves, a safety relay output to stop the movements, and an audible alarm output that is active in alarm situations. When the basket angle exceeds 10 °, the safety output and audible warning output are activated.

Optimization of operating parameters can be done easily with serial connection and user-friendly computer interface software.

With the interface program, calibration of the zero level and time delays of the balancing outputs, movement ramps can be set. At the same time, basket angle and alarm conditions can be observed.








EFC39 Flyer   User Manuel



Working Supply                                        9-36       V

Working Temperature                           -40 / +85             ˚C

IP Degree                                                       IP65      

Dimensions                                                   55 x 115 x 90     mm

Communication Port and Speed         RS232 115200 Baud

Current Consumption@28V                  25          mA

PWM Output Range                                   2000      mA

Specifications                                    • Reverse Polarity
                                                                  • High Voltage  
                                                                  • High Output Current
                                                                  • Short-Circuit
                                                                  • Safety Outputs 
                                                                  • Redundant Tilt Sensors
                                                                  • Redundant Micro-Controller 





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