Foam and Water Tank Level Control System with Electroforce EFC39


1 pieces EFC39-Full Control Unit, 2 pieces 250 mBar pressure sensor with 4-20 mA output are used in the system. The system is economical as the liquid level of 2 tanks can be controlled with a single controller. Liquid levels are shown with LED indicators connected to a total of 10 pieces indicator outputs, 5 pieces for each tank.

All indicator outputs PWM are driven proportionally. In addition, by reducing the warming caused by the constant activation of indicator lights extends the life of indicator leds.Liquid level calibrations and calibration of proportional outputs can be done with digital inputs without the need a computer.

In addition, the system has 2 pieces digital outputs, 1 pieces for each tank. These outputs are active when it drops below 10% or goes above 105%. An audible warning can be connected to these outputs.
When the liquid level drops below 10%, the first leveling led continuously flashes and alerts the user visually. When the liquid level rises above 105%, all the liquid leveling LEDs are flashed and the notify visually.

These checks are done separately for both tanks.

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